I Still Bike!

The reason I haven’t posted many photos since the middle of August, is because I have been busy out riding my Karate Monkey and filming it! I have posted a video to youtube every Friday for a month straight, which is awesome! I have been varying them between bike, then car, then bike, then DIY,Continue reading “I Still Bike!”

Back At It! Videos, Two Sunsets and a Bridge

Not only have I been able to start my weekly “vlog” posts to youtube again, but I have also pulled my DSLR out for some stills three nights in a row! Starting this last sunday, July 28th, I have begun to schedule myself to weekly post a video of me cycling, skateboarding or even someContinue reading “Back At It! Videos, Two Sunsets and a Bridge”

First Fixed Gear “vlog”

The recent purchase of my GoPro and the continued stoke I get riding my Surly Steamroller, I decided to do some filming of upgrading the gear ratio and uploaded it to youtube as my first “vlog”.  It is linked below, enjoy.  Remember to comment, like and if you are so inclined subscribe. First Fixed GearContinue reading “First Fixed Gear “vlog””