I Still Bike!

The reason I haven’t posted many photos since the middle of August, is because I have been busy out riding my Karate Monkey and filming it! I have posted a video to youtube every Friday for a month straight, which is awesome! I have been varying them between bike, then car, then bike, then DIY,Continue reading “I Still Bike!”

Taking a Break From Instagram

This week I decided that it was time to take a break from Instagram for a while.  Recently I have been feeling a great deal of frustration towards it.  The constant following just so that I follow back and then to find out I have just been unfollowed later.  I was at a point tooContinue reading “Taking a Break From Instagram”

What is to Come of this Blog in 2018

I plan for making a post weekly.  This will vary for the first couple months by day and time just due to me still trying to figure this whole blog thing out. I will be posting a number of things: Weekly Adventures Product Reviews Video Edits Minimalistic and Healthy Living Endeavours Short Stories or OtherContinue reading “What is to Come of this Blog in 2018”