I Have Been Bad

I said I would make a post every week on this blog but have failed!  Unfortunately I was struggling with money for a bit and had to get a day job again which led to almost 3 weeks straight of no days off due to school and work!  So when I wasn’t working or at school I was either getting an afternoon ski in or doing homework!

However when this 3 weeks was over I had some days off and got some photo and video work in!
Check it out here:



What is to Come of this Blog in 2018

I plan for making a post weekly.  This will vary for the first couple months by day and time just due to me still trying to figure this whole blog thing out.

I will be posting a number of things:

  • Weekly Adventures
  • Product Reviews
  • Video Edits
  • Minimalistic and Healthy Living Endeavours
  • Short Stories or Other Writings
  • Short Updates

Now I will expand on these:

Weekly Adventures – This can be everything from some photos I have taken on one of my days off to just talking about how good my day of skiing was or just talking about a particular health routine on a certain day.  Could even be more of a short update!

Product Reviews – I am definitely a trier of things which is ironic as I am on a minimalistic journey but it is important to remember it is about adding value to your life and not owning nothing although I would like to work towards the 100 things challenge at some point.  Anyway I will be posting reviews of items that I have found to add immense value or the ones that have added no value and brought complete frustration!

Video Edits – this will be very rare for a post as I am not much of a person to film as well as struggle to gain the time to film but keep an eye out for something exciting.  I have some plans for an edit for this ski season so keep eye out for snippets of that

Minimalistic and Healthy Endeavours – I will discuss minimalist journey, things that work for me and things that don’t work.  Same goes for my health, what works and what doesn’t work (check last weeks post).  Will post the occasional recipe even as I work towards better health.  We are all on a journey so why not share it!

Short Stories and Other Writings – I recently wrote a short story/personal essay for school and I quite enjoyed it so I hope to write more and share mini essays/short stories.  I will also be sharing that personal essay at some point as I really think it is a valuable part of my personal journey and well written.  I may even share a poem if I ever write anything that I think is good enough… very unlikely 😛

Short Updates – similar post to this.  will mostly come on the weeks when I have had a struggle to get up to anything of excitement or have lacked the time to do an in depth post.  More there just too keep up with the consistency.

Please feel free to follow and support me in whatever way you feel.  Whether that support is leaving a comment or sending me a message with tips and ideas or monetarily by purchasing a print as well as purchasing through one of my affiliate links!





I Want To Build My Ski Photography Portfolio

Its been a long time since I have posted!

I would like to say that it is mostly due to school but also possibly due to lack of inspiration since the leaves have fallen and the snow has not made its way back.

Speaking of snow though, yesterday was my first day back on my skis (I am very sore today) and I had made an instagram post talking about how I would be super interested in working with some aspiring skiers doing both photo and video work at Red Mountain Resort in Rossland, BC.  It has been a while since I have done much photo or film work with skiing which is why this is more of a portfolio builder for me than a steady stream of income.  This being said I believe that it may be time to start getting payed a bit for my photography but more as a “per donation” as well as paying for prints of work that I do for people (standard print rate)!  Would love to have input from people on whether this is reasonable or if I should have a flat rate?!

As for previous work (four of my favourite shots):