My name is Skylar Parent, I am a photographer who likes to ride bikes, trail run, paddle and play disc golf!  In addition to my athletic and outdoor pursuits, I have a passion for nutrition as well as food systems and the environment which is why I am currently finishing up my undergraduate degree in Resource and Environmental Management.

Mainly I created this website as a way of displaying photographs and my outdoor adventures, but as my education has advanced I would like to begin posting more about my research and other educational interests.

The time has finally come for me to share something other than photography and outdoor adventures.  Over the next little bit I will begin posting in my blog; videos and topics on Indigenous policy as well as a page detailing a paper on the topic.  The reason that I am interested in this topic is that I am passionate about the environment.  Indigenous policy is environmental policy, which is why understanding and prioritizing both is the only way to get us out of our current anthropogenic mess of climate change.

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