I Still Bike!

The reason I haven’t posted many photos since the middle of August, is because I have been busy out riding my Karate Monkey and filming it! I have posted a video to youtube every Friday for a month straight, which is awesome! I have been varying them between bike, then car, then bike, then DIY, then bike, and hopefully next a recipe video. This is my most recent bike video:

Before that I posted this video:

For all other videos please check me out at:



Summer 2020 Banff Trip

This summer has been great, but super busy, in addition to that it also has seemed relatively inappropriate to post content during the time of social unrest and pandemics.  As things have gotten much less busy for me and other things have shifted focus, I figured it was well time to post my photos from back in June.  The photos can be seen below:

Lake Minnewanka

Icefields Parkway

Athabasca Falls

Sunwapta Falls

Bow Lake

Lake Louise

Lake Louise

Lake Agnes

Moraine Lake


Summer Photo Dump

I have been shooting lots, but finding time to edit has been difficult between school and summer courses!  In addition to this photo dump, stay tuned for the photos from a big trip I did back at the beginning of June.

Photo Dump: