Back At It! Videos, Two Sunsets and a Bridge

Not only have I been able to start my weekly “vlog” posts to youtube again, but I have also pulled my DSLR out for some stills three nights in a row!

Starting this last sunday, July 28th, I have begun to schedule myself to weekly post a video of me cycling, skateboarding or even some sort of minimalist practice!  My videos can be found here:

Skylar.Parent Youtube Channel

Sunset #1, Capitol Hill:

Sunset #2, Fraser River:

Bridge, Lions Gate Bridge and North Vancouver:


Snow Days!

The last few days of snow granted me with my first ever snow day, I got the day off from school which turned into a nice two days off.  I should have done lots of studying for the upcoming exams but decided to get out and shoot as there’s something aesthetically pleasing about fresh snow! Please enjoy the photos I took:

First Evening

Lynn Valley

Lighthouse Park

Vans Park Series

Haven’t taken photos in a while, finally got out to do so yesterday at the Vans Park Series, which took place at Hastings bowl in Vancouver.

Check out my shots below, leave a comment, or subscribe if you see something you like!



Pictures in order from 1st place to 8th place (from left to right, top to bottom)