Back At It! Videos, Two Sunsets and a Bridge

Not only have I been able to start my weekly “vlog” posts to youtube again, but I have also pulled my DSLR out for some stills three nights in a row! Starting this last sunday, July 28th, I have begun to schedule myself to weekly post a video of me cycling, skateboarding or even someContinue reading “Back At It! Videos, Two Sunsets and a Bridge”

Snow Days!

The last few days of snow granted me with my first ever snow day, I got the day off from school which turned into a nice two days off.  I should have done lots of studying for the upcoming exams but decided to get out and shoot as there’s something aesthetically pleasing about fresh snow!Continue reading “Snow Days!”

Vans Park Series

Haven’t taken photos in a while, finally got out to do so yesterday at the Vans Park Series, which took place at Hastings bowl in Vancouver. Check out my shots below, leave a comment, or subscribe if you see something you like! Semi-Finals Finals Pictures in order from 1st place to 8th place (from leftContinue reading “Vans Park Series”