Somehow I forgot to post about my trip to Portland 2 weekends ago but it was one for the books! A lot of good food was eaten as well as a lot of fun was had.

Places I ate that I would go back to Portland specifically for:


The best donuts and Chais I have ever had. no specific recommendations as literal everything on the menu is delicious!!

Screen Door

The hour and a half wait is one hundred percent worth it for those delicious sweet potato chicken and waffles.


This place was the closest thing I have had and may ever have to a fine dining experience. As I have just begun to learn more about the making of good food and presentation this ticked off all the boxes for me!  It is no wonder the chef has won a James Beard Award.  Also get extra cookies if you go, that was hands down the best cookie I may ever eat.  You can order them through their website which I am contemplating doing if someone purchases a photo from my store 😉


Of Course I took some photos but not as much as usual. most were on the last day heading back. finally getting to a few places in Oregon that I had not yet adventured to!!


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